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Debbie | October 2016

I didn’t know what to expect, but Kat made me feel very comfortable and she genuinely cared and wanted to make sure I received what I wanted and more importantly, what I needed. Her reading still resonates with me every day.

Jessica | October 2020

Kat is not only tuned in to what you need to hear from spirit but also not going to sugar coat it, which I love. She's also an amazing mentor for anyone who wants to embrace their own gifts for themselves or to help others. Highly recommend!

Anonymous | November 2020

Thank you Kat. Sitting with you for my reading was one of the most powerful events in my life. It meant the world to me to have you help me connect to and hear from my loved ones and also verify my connection to my loved ones as well as make sense of other events and questions I've had. Very meaningful....Thank you. I look forward to meeting with you again. :)

Sandy | January 2019

Hi Kat - First, absolutely, no doubt you get FIVE stars!!  I have to tell you that it seems every time I attend one of your workshops, within a couple days I have some kind of breakthrough or “aha” moment.  I started this journey about a year ago and, while there a many times I feel like I am just not getting this or I don’t have spirit guides, etc … it’s been starting to happen more and more where I just know I am being given signs and guidance and I am starting to really listen to my intuition and/or that little voice inside my head and heart.  I am so excited to continue on this path, to learn and experience more - life is good =).  Thank you!!

G | March 2019

Kat has truely be a blessing to me! I lost my son a little over a year ago to a drunk driver in a tragic car accident. He was 21 yrs old & had a lot to live for. It’s every parents worse nightmare & it changes your life forever! My sister in law had went to a reading with Kat & my son came thru with a message for me. He was worried about his mom. The things Kat had shared with her were things only my son & I would know. So of course I booked an appointment ASAP. I was nervous & unsure how it would go, but I went with a list of questions so I didn’t forget anything. Talking with Kat that first time really helped me move forward & put my mind at ease some. When I hear from my son he has special heart felt messages for all of us. It was absolutely AMAZING! The connection Kat has with my son is surreal. It feels as if he is right there with her talking to me. As a mother my heart will always be broken, but I can tell you I would not of made it thru this without her and my journey has been easier being able to connect with my Angel. I will always be thankful for everything Kat has done for me & my family. Without her I would be in a different place today. I recommend her to everyone & share my experience. I have had several friends & family that have went to see Kat and they all agree that she is the real deal! Kat has become like a part of our family! I am forever grateful for her!

Megan | December 2020

Kat did an AMAZING job! She was able to connect me to my mom and my sister. She gave me the same stubbornness and sarcasm as my mom, and it was so great to be able to re-live that in a way. Highly recommend Kat! I cannot wait to schedule another visit!

Bonnie | June 2017

Kourtney said after her first reading that it “healed her heart.” She talks about you every time we talk. She said the messages changed her life. I believe that is true. What you do is meaningful, mysterious and amazing. You have wonderful energy and I among others have always felt that! Thank you!

Chris | September 2017

I heard many stories about Kat and her readings through another friend and wanted to see this in person for myself because I have always been intrigued with this stuff. Scheduled a reading and brought my Mom, Sister and the friend that referred me to Kat with and sure enough it was mind blowing! Kat said things that only us family members would know. My Grandma was the first to come through and had been gone for almost 30 years now. My Mom, who was "just along for the ride that evening", was in tears because of the things that Kat was getting from my Grandma. It just brought some closure to some of the things that have been thought about or talked about over the years and now to have that, and know that our loved ones are around us daily is comforting. Kat is the real deal. I keep sending her new referrals and everyone having the same outcome of "shock" and "how the heck did she know that?!" experience like we had. Can't wait to go for another reading soon!

Jane | February 2019

Kat is amazing! I was nervous at first, but really enjoyed my first reading. I will be back!

Susan | February 2019

I have experienced 2 psychic medium readings with my adult daughter and I've also experienced my own personal Reiki session.  I encourage everyone to partake in a reading with Kat Miller, at least once in their lifetime. She can literally change your life for the better, even if you think your life is already perfect. 

She is genuine, easy to talk to, compassionate, insightful and intuitive.

She truly cares about helping others and making sure that they are in a good place mentally, before they leave her.

You can literally ask her anything and not be embarrassed or inappropriate. 

She is very professional and yet she has the qualities of a best friend that you could share anything with.

Tory | March 2021

I’m still on cloud 9 from my session with Kat yesterday. She connected me to two dear friends and got their demeanor spot on. She also connected me to my Grandma towards the end of the session. I had to ask my Mom for validation with what Kat was speaking on and she was dead on. Almost as if my grandma wanted to validate things for my mom too. There so many tears and so many laughs. I didn’t want it to end. I will definitely be back to speak to her.

Jennifer | February 2018

I met Kat , six months after my life partner suddenly passed away. My grief was so intense. I exhaustingly searched the internet for answers and prayed for a miracle. Fortunately, I found Kat’s website and made an appointment immediately. She was so accommodating and fit me in to see her as soon as possible. I felt an instant connection with Kat. She helped me to reconnect with the love of my life. Hearing from him, through her, has changed my life. My grief is gone. I have a better understanding of my life, my future path, and accept my past. I am now on a journey of spiritual awakening, and I owe it all to Kat. I’ve had multiple readings, reiki sessions, and attended her events. I recommend Kat whole-heartedly. She is much more than a psychic medium. She has become a dear friend. I am so very thankful that she is in my life. I truly believe that Eric guided me to her, so I could heal.

Melody | October 2020

Kat is so amazing! I didn't know what to expect and was definitely mind blown during and after my reading. I am happy I found her and will definitely be making more appointments in the future. She helped me connect with my daughter which meant more to me than words can even say. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to connect with a loved one. I have already recommended her to my family and friends. Thank you so much Kat. I look forward to another reading with you!

Maegan | August 2017

Our reading with Kat provided so much comfort and peace. We wished we had done it years sooner. She was very personable and professional. The information she provided was accurate and specific- information that would be unknown to anyone outside our family. Kat will be on ongoing resource to speak to our loved ones. They don’t seem so far away anymore!

Helen | September 2016

Kat’s messages from my loved ones brought tears to my eyes. Her messages were delivered with such gentleness and kindness that you can tell she truly loves what she does. The detail she was able to give about them was more than I needed to know that they are there with me. Knowing that my loved ones are okay and always around me provided me with the comfort and closure that I was needed to heal my heart. Through the psychic readings and workshops of hers that I have attended, I have gotten the information, direction and tools to grow on my own spiritual journey. I swear we could all sit for hours and listen to her talk during her workshops! Kat truly is an honest, genuine person who is extraordinary! I am so thankful to have met her and feel she is a blessing to anyone she meets!

Lynn | December 2018

When it was first suggested to me that I see a psychic/medium to contact my deceased father, I was very skeptical, but also curious. Within minutes of meeting Kat I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that she was not only relaying to me what my father needed to tell me (and I needed to hear from him) but that she was also fully aware of the very complicated and bizarre circumstances in my life. This was all stuff no one could possibly guess, assume or research. She has used her ability to communicate with the deceased and my spirit guides to give me insights so that I can understand why/how things have happened or are happening and make decisions or explore possibilities I would never have known about. She has compassionately, patiently and knowledgeably guided me through a labyrinth of issues, growth and education. I have total trust in and respect for Kat. I am so very grateful for her help. I see Kat regularly and I hope to be able to seek her counsel for years to come.

Whitney | January 2019

Kat is a true gift, and I feel blessed to have met her. She has an ability to deliver exactly what you need for that precise moment in your life. Information flows from her so effortlessly and so detailed it always leaves me totally awestruck. Nothing is surface level or generic. She sparked a change within me that I will be forever grateful for! 

Linda | November 2018

Kat Miller has been an amazing mentor, healer, educator and motivator. Through her classes, I have been able to find myself and figure out who I really am as a person! Her natural abilities as a psychic/medium and words of wisdom, knowledge and validation has taken me to an amazing path to my happy self. Because of her, I became certified as a Reiki Practitioner. I am able to use Reiki in my daily life as well as being able to share the healing to others! If I could, I would give her 10 stars! She is down to earth and truly is passionate of her work. I recommend her services and classes!