Aquarius Full Moon!

Aquarius Full Moon!

Welcome full moon in Aquarius! The energy with this full moon is less fiery than others, but still a bit intense. We are finally wrapping up a long period of pushing and testing over the last few months. This one is going to be pushing a lot on boundaries, emotions, flow and things to be said. You may notice that you are more sensitive to the energies of what is around you than you have been for a long time. Because of that you may have noticed you wanting to remove yourself from things that no longer sit well with you. This will be a time of testing those boundaries that you have put up over the last few months. Take time to honor what you are feeling and take that alone time or just time to make your circle small, even if it is just for a short period of time. Part of this alone time could be you wanting to go on a travel adventure with someone close or even alone. Your independent adventurous side may start to speak up a bit. So follow that curiosity if you can and see where it leads you! As much as you are feeling as if you want to help everyone do what you can while still helping yourself and not allowing yourself to get drained. You are able to see the big picture of things with more clarity than ever before.Listen to that intuition of yours as it will help you read between the lines of even words not spoken but understood. You are going to understand a bit more as to why that other person is acting that way or even why you keep repeating a pattern that no longer serves you. This clarity is going to help give you the next steps then in order to repair, rethink or simply release.This energy will help those talks flow a bit more than they have previously allowing you to listen and not react right away.Communications will be a big emphasis, deeper conversations, and the ability to talk it out and come up with creative solutions. So now is a good time to talk about what has been on your mind, what you are feeling about certain situations and voicing what you are no longer willing to tolerate and coming up with ways to fix and mend or mutually decide to walk away. We are now finding that balance between our goals, plans, next steps or stages and our intuition. We started a new 5 month chapter back on the 11th full of new stages and beginnings. You will start to see what your intuition has been telling you and the steps you have been taking towards those things line up. If you have been dragging your feet on some of these because of the fear of change release it! The best things happen just on the other side of fear. Changes are coming over the next few months; some will be major plot twists and new beginnings, so it is going to be up to you and how smooth you want it to go! As with all full moons, it is a good time to take a moment and think of what you want to release and let go.

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