March is full of Changes!

March is full of Changes!

We are welcoming March with some massive solar activity and a spike in the Schumann Resonance. Which can add to little sleep, crazy dreams, headaches tiredness or a bit of restlessness. It is a good reminder to make sure you are staying hydrated and grounded. March is a big month as far as the start of some major changes starting or shifting. This can be on a personal or a larger scale. A good reminder for this month is to do your best to go with the flow of things while still focusing on your end goals. If you try to control every direction, experience despite any blockages, delays that may occur, it may turn into a bit of a bumpy ride as there will be changes of sorts coming regardless if you are ready for it or not. We are wrapping up a 3 yr. cycle that started March of 2020 and moving into another 3 yr. chapter of growth of sorts. Those things you have been wanting to change and accomplish, dreams and new direction you have been wanting to go that may have felt delayed or stopped will see some forward movement. The full moon in Virgo on the 7th will bring to light things. You may be shown really  just how far you have come, being able to see the work to start to pay off or shine the light on what is holding you back should it be other opportunities, people or your own self sabotaging ways. It can be hard to dive deep and own up to where we may be getting in our own way.  When these are shown to you it is a good time to work on making some serious changes.

You are going to be pushed a bit to trust the process and focus on the positive despite all that may be going on around you or even with just folks in your life. We may not see all that is going on and have to trust the process a bit. Listen to your gut and intuition, if something isn’t sitting well with you, make a note or sit with it a bit before making a decision. If you have unexpected delays or detours do your best to navigate through it, trust the timing, the events unfolding and the experiences you may have as part of the journey to your main goal and not a sign to just give up on it because it isn’t going exactly like you want it to go. With this in mind, you may be forced to slow down a bit, take this opportunity to process what is going on, or how to proceed with the next steps.

We then start to gain some momentum and things to start pick up the pace as we head to the spring equinox on the 20th and the new moon in Aries on the 21st. This is a great time to revamp those goals as the energy is going to fire up that motivation to move forward on things and make those changes like now. Use this energy to move those dreams into the reality stages. Time to stop making excuses and start taking actual steps.

A good reminder for this month is that as much as we want to know all the details and directions of things, changes take time. Do your best to not to get too wrapped up in the chaos that may be around you or on a bigger scale as it may look like things are going in a bad direction when actually it is moving in a much more positive direction after things have settled.

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