August Update!

August Update!

August is a month that still has some unpredictable changes or opportunities coming up as well as some spicy anger or frustration energy coming in. It will be the continuing on with the theme for many or on a bigger scale of transformation and change. Yes, there can be a bit more irritability, frustration, or anger, although nothing to be afraid of but more so to keep in the back of your mind so that you think before you speak or regret something you said or did later. Try to remember that everyone is going through stuff, we are all in different spots on our journey. Do your best to keep in mind when it comes to others if you find yourself just butting heads. Now is not a time to try and convince others to see or feel things just like you do. Work on the agree to disagree while also putting up boundaries if needed and honoring others who may have some of their own. It is a good time to remember to work together in some way and not some much against each other.


During this month you may notice you are going through some major transformations starting now, or you have been over the last few weeks or even months and others are starting to feel a bit of a slowdown, maybe you are feeling a little of both. Remember, resting times does not always mean to physically rest, it could just be a pause in pushing forward on things, or not trying to venture into new things just yet. Try not to force things to keep moving if there happens to be a pause. Take the slower times, or present moments to help gain clarity on current situations or to help you regain your footing so that you can keep climbing that mountain and not stumble. For those who are wanting to just go, go, go this can be a frustrating time but also a good reminder that you don’t have to be in a hurry to get to your goals. We sometimes rush because we want to see the results of all the hard work we are doing pay off, and when we don’t, we start to question if we are actually doing the right thing. Try not to focus on that part, but more of the journey and how far you have come to make it where you are today. It is okay to stop and give yourself that pat on the back for how far you have come.


Also remember to make that time for yourself as well. As we approach the full super moon in Aquarius on the 11th, take some time if you can and review what is important to you and what is no longer. We have been going through an accelerated healing over the last few months if not years. As the next chapters open and old ones close, you will be reminded to take a look at what is really important to you now. You may notice many things that were important to you no longer is or is helping your journey. This could be routines, relationships, work, places, and things. Some of this could you wanting to let it go because you actually don’t want it anymore or some outside things happen that don’t allow you to keep them, and you are surprised because you don’t miss or need it as much as you once did.

As we build towards the new moon in Virgo it is good time to clear the clutter, clean the slate and start to get more organized. This could be in your home, your workspace, your thoughts, or routines. If you are wanting to break some old habits and start some new fitness or health habits this is an excellent time to do so. You may notice you are starting to second guess some of your choices or directions you have decided to make. If this happens ask yourself why. What are you hanging on to? A lot of times we can feel comfortable in what we have always done. It doesn’t mean it still makes us happy, or what we deserve, but if it is comfortable, we know just what to expect. Second guessing happens a lot if you are doing something new, or in a way you haven’t before. Take time to look at where that second guessing is coming from and try to work on releasing it. That past is the past and do your best to leave it there so you can truly start to live the best life you deserve!

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