Energy Shifting Going On!

Energy Shifting Going On!

Hello everyone! My apologies on getting this up late! I guess Mercury retro had to mess with me one more time before going direct! Tuesday was a major energy shift wrapping up a 12yr cycle and stepping into a brand-new focus. For those who are energy sensitive you may have gotten major downloads of information or energy during that time. Yesterday Mercury went direct, FINALLY!  The energy has been quite intense for so many and that should start to ease up a bit. Be sure to check in on those that may be having a more difficult time with all of this! With the shift and Mercury going direct you will start to see more forward movement on the things that came up. You may also notice a bit more inspiration, purpose and drive than you have had in a long while. For those who did the work of what came up during the retrograde letting go of the habits, patterns, and relationships that are no longer healthy for you, things will start to move quickly for you. If you still have some loose ends on things, no worries, forward movement is what is needed at this time! We are starting the build up of things that will really take off come January! Now is the time to tap into the fiery part of this energy towards your motivation to get going on those ideas that have to come to light over the last few weeks! Now is a good time to sit and make an outline of the plans you want for 2020! Figure out a good starting point. No need to have all the steps down, just the first few. You want to be able to fully tap into this energy coming at the beginning of the year, no more procrastination. Get it out of your head that you are dreaming too big, or that there is no way it can happen. Take time and sit with what it is that you want to accomplish. I ask people all the time what is it they want to do. I often here, I would love to do this. BUT! Stop that typa thinking. Yes, you may not get to the goal the exact way that you want but doesn’t mean you won’t get there. I have learned many times that the paths that I am led down off my course I feel I should be on towards my goal usually have some major rewards. It directs me to people, places and experiences I never would have had should I have forced the straightforward approach! So get creative, brainstorm with those peeps who are on the same path as you! Inspire and guide each other! The shadow of Mercury retro goes until the 7th so there could be some delays or communication mix ups yet, so be sure to double check documents and your words before blurting it out as things this energy can get a bit spicy ahead, so do your best to stay on the more positive side of things!

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