Energy Shifts Today!

Energy Shifts Today!

Today is 8/8 which is known as the Lion’s Gate. This is another big energy shift for the year! It is a great time to release and purge your fears,old patterns and unhealthy habits. We all hear that a cluttered space is a cluttered mind so if you are having a bit of trouble focusing on things on the home front now is a good time to purge that stuff to make way for the new. Forgive yourself and let go of the past. Every time you keep thinking of how you could have done things in the past differently you are keeping yourself in the past and in a state of lack. This energy has major manifestation potential to it, so do your best to keep on the positive side of things. You may see many aha moments start to come about, new ideas and your creativity and intuition spiking a bit! Tap into that stuff! Stop procrastinating and keeping yourself from being the person you want to be living the life you want to live. Now is the time to break those bad habits and create some new ones! Do not compare where you are in your journey to anyone else. This is YOUR story to write!! You deserve all the happiness just as much as anyone else! You may also notice a ton of synchronicities and signs coming out of nowhere. I had so many yesterday I just had to laugh! I tell people to write them down if they don’t make sense at the moment. It may be a signal of something yet to happen but a reassurance that things are moving ahead even if you don’t see it happening just yet! We are also wrapping up a few days of major solar storms again! So be sure during these periods that are taking time for yourself to stay hydrated, meditate, take a detox bath, getting out into nature and carrying around those black rocks to help ease the feeling of some of the spaciness you might be experiencing! We are working our way up to another big shift on the 11th then things will start to move at a faster pace that have before in an upward direction! So today keep those thoughts positive, write down those goals and keep the “I know this probably won’t happen” mindset outta there when you do it! Some of you also may be getting news, opportunities or meet ups that seem to show up out of nowhere that is going to add to the next chapter that is starting to unfold for you! It should be an easier flow of a day than we have had for quite some time! Hope you all get some of the good stuff from this energy today!

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