Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus!

Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus!

Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus peaked this morning  today on the 19th! For the early birds out there, you may have been feeling the affects of this a few days prior, heck even a full week, for others it may not hit until later today into Saturday. One key theme really is to expect the unexpected and roll with things the best you can as one day it may seem things are going in one direction and the next the universe yells “plot twist!”. It is going to be a bit of an intense one for many, so try to go easy on those around you. Reach out to those you know may be having a tough time just to check in. With that being said, it won’t all be bad or crazy. Do your best to stay on the more positive side of the fired-up energy and use to push you into making some major changes or shifts in direction. This full moon will be shining light on many things that could have been hidden or kept in the dark. This could be with others or even about yourself. What is it that is really holding you back when the outside conditions seem to be aligning? For example, are you afraid to truly be open to abundance so you keep the scarcity mentality just in case things go wrong? Or how about only letting people see so much of you because you feel that you will push them away even though you crave someone to love you for all you are? Or that you want to be successful at a new career but have the what if I fail mentality. Just know that a lot of folks may be going through similar situations of skeletons coming out of the closet so to speak. So, you may see others get really argumentative or loss their heads a bit, do you best to not engage and think before you speak. It is also a time to take a moment and think bigger things through and not be impulsive. Eclipse energy can be pretty final so if you make an impulsive decision, you may regret it the next day and will either not be able to correct it or it will take a longer bit of time to resolve. With that being said, if you have been thinking of making some big changes for awhile and you suddenly have the urge to do something about it would be a good time for that. For example, you have been wanting to quit smoking, cut out sugar or decide you will make the time to meditate daily, then suddenly say today is the day and I am going all in, the energy will be there to help with that push.

While you may be really noticing the changes you are needing and wanting to make it is important to focus on building or strengthening your foundation. Don’t hang onto people, things or situations that cause you to waiver or at least change the roll and impact that they have over your direction. Be sure to give yourself more a solid foundation for the next chapters and stages that are coming up with the next year, not just tomorrow. As much as sometimes we want to know all the changes upfront so we know just what we need to do, what the next steps are and the exact direction of things, you may only get hints or a preview of what is next to come even if all the solid action or direction is there yet. Take time to slow down enough to catch the signs and synchronicities that are there!

Eclipses can be a  bit more volatile or unpredictable energy so I do not suggest charging your crystals or making moon water. If you have selenite it is a great way to charge and keep those crystals cleansed and charged in the meantime!

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