Full Moon In Aquarius!

Full Moon In Aquarius!

We are now in the full moon in Aquarius that started last night and into today. You may have started to feel like you at a brief standstill. Sorta like when you are in the midst of chaos and then just like that it is silent and can feel a bit heavy like that calm before the storm typa feel. Take the time to just be with those thoughts We are going into a bit more of a motivation and action phase backed up by strong emotions which you will see intensify come September. You are going to feel more motivation to get started on a project, to start dreaming of what you want to do next either this year or even within the next year or two. Now action could just be allowing yourself to dream and know it will happen, even if you are not taking the physical action. Fall in love with life all over again as you learn to expect the unexpected. Take some time to sit with things and see what is fulfilling for you and what no longer is. The feeling to let stuff go, purge what no longer feels right or needed might be strong for many. Pace yourself as you go through this and know that as much as you want to just go all in, you still have time. The second part of this year is all about seeing the action from all that you have been working on and putting effort into. It is also a time that may feel a bit more emotional for many, not necessarily in a bad way either. Those feelings you want to blurt out will come out and be received better than expected for the most part, (just try to keep it on the positive side, not the anger side)! You may find yourself truly starting to seek connections with others, yourself, your habits and your intuition and spiritual sides. You may find this in the connections you currently have, if you do not have those currently you will start seeking new ones. Now is a good time to see what is truly fulfilling you and letting go of what no longer is. This is also a time to really start paying attention to that intuition. You are going to notice that the dreams, gut feelings and nudges are getting stronger and stronger. (no, you are not imagining it! Your intuition really is opening up more!) Now is the time to work with that, play with it and learn to trust it.  I know this can be hard as sometimes you really have to have some patience and wait for it to show the why. Change can be hard and bumpy but dang, where we will be by the end of the year will be worth it. To help with this moon be sure to stay hydrated, take those salt baths, take a walk by the water or go for a swim and feel the energy of the water to help cleanse and ground you as well. If ya did not get those crystals out to charge last night do so tonight. This moon is a loving energy and perfect for that!

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