Full Moon in Aries!

Full Moon in Aries!

Happy Full Moon in Aries today! You may have been feeling the build up to this one over the last few days or even week! This full moon is pushing us to heal on a deep emotional level and can be felt as either on a super high excitement level or the lows or even both in one day! Because of this you may find yourself wanting to take a bit more time to withdraw and pull within more often, even if just for an hour. Follow those nudges as it is a way of finding a bit of balance over the next week or so! This energy has some strong forward motion to it. You will feel that you are wanting to really push forward on projects and ideas that have remained a bit stagnant for a time. This is a great time for doing a lot of releasing and dissolving of toxic relationships, commitments and thought patterns. You will feel the strong push to just say no more. I need to change; this needs to change or this is done. Because of that you may be doing a lot of work in your dreams or finding memories from your past coming up. It is coming up as a review for you to heal from, change and let go.  Take this time to look at how you are acting or reacting to things. Are you currently in fight or flight mode? If so, is it really needed? Do you want to keep reacting that way? Look at ways to work on changing things. It is time to shed the old version of you once and for all. Let the past go. Stop reliving it as an excuse to keep going in the circle that you are. Now is the time to dissolve all those blocks that could be getting in the way of where you want to go and who you want to be. You deserve to achieve all the goals of what you want to achieve. As tough as some of this may be, it really is a good thing! Time to find that value in yourself and allowing others to see that as well!  Things will be coming to light and the truth of situations may be revealed as well allowing for that forward movement! You are now going to see just where you may be getting in your own way or how a current situation is holding you back from getting to where you need to be going. This full moon is all about transformations on all levels! As tough as this may seem at some points it is a good thing. Lots of clearing of the old to make way for the new! With that you will probably be finding yourself in clean and purge mode of things on a physical and emotional level! Even though this full moon may feel like you are riding the waves, try to do your best to ride the waves as it is a good thing!

Remember also to put those crystals out to cleanse and charge as well!

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