Full Moon in Cancer!

Full Moon in Cancer!

Welcome full moon in Cancer! The timing of this full moon feels a bit perfect as it is the final one of this year just before the end of the year. Also seems fitting as we started this year with a full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer back in January. Now here we are wrapping things up. Full moons are a good time to sit back and reflect, release and reset on all levels, this one bringing it more the awareness to that than some others. Although it will not be as unpredictable as some of the others this year, it can still be a bit of a tougher one as it is tuning into the emotional side of things. You may notice yours running a bit high or all over so be sure to go easy on yourself and check in with others that may suffer from depression or anxiety as they may have a tougher time navigating through this. End of the year time usually is when we find ourselves reflecting on what the past 12 months have been about. This year especially I am sure many are taking that time. With that in mind, as you look back, try not to focus on all that you did not get done. Or how you wish you would have handled this or that. Look and first see what it taught you. Were you burning the candle at both ends trying to get all the things done and now you were forced to slow down and seeing just how much you have been missing? Are you seeing areas in life that you were trying to hard to make things happen just as you wanted them to happen? How many days, times, moments were you really pushed out of your comfort zone? Now take a bit and be proud of yourself. Look at all the changes that you have made in all areas of your life. Did you think you would be able to do so? Sometimes, when we are not given a choice but to change we somehow find a way to work through it the best we can. It is when we are being pushed outside of our comfort zone, we can surprise ourselves with just all that we are capable of. Was every step or change perfect? Probably not. The good thing though is you were definitely not alone, and many others can relate to the same struggles. Now as you are sitting and reflecting, really sit and release emotional baggage and heaviness if you can from this year. What do you want to grab and run into the new year with and what do you simply want to leave behind? Now is the time to do so as the energies of this full moon will work with those themes.  It is okay if what you thought you wanted to hang onto at the beginning of the year no longer resonates with you. That is the beauty of changes. This month has been an intense one energetically as well, taking a toll on your physical self so be sure to rest and take care of yourself physically. Celebrate who you are and remind yourself that you do not need to prove your worth or value to anyone. If someone can’t see what you bring to the table in all that you are then there’s the door! Last reminder, get those crystals and stones out for a good cleanse and charge since we don’t have an eclipse this full moon so we should be good! Make a little moon water too as well if ya like to usher in the new year!

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