Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon in Gemini

Full moon in Gemini peaks on 12/12 at 12:12am ET. This is the last full moon of this decade. If you are sensitive to the energies out there you may have been feeling the effects of this already! We are moving towards 2020 which is going to be a big year for major transformations, fresh starts, refreshing the old and new beginnings. This full moon is bringing more emphasis on communication on all levels You will find it much easier to communicate those ideas that have been rolling around in your mind. All the harder things that you have been working on over the past few months you will now find it is the time to speak your truth, seek the truth and simply state what it is that you want with ease. Communicate that forgiveness and let the past go. The messages will be received a bit easier as well. You may notice that you are revaluating all your relationships with partners, work, family and friends. Finding out who you really connect with on a soul level, not just surface. Because of this you are wanting to put yourself out there more to make these connections go deeper and stronger as many of these will be key players to the changes that are coming in the next year. You may feel that you have soo many ideas flooding at you all at once but not a single one is a straight line as to what you are supposed to next. Be sure to be jotting them down as it may not make much sense, but it will as time goes on. This is a time to really learn to go with it. Follow that curiosity as to why the curve is in the road, not demanding it to be straightened before proceeding. You may feel that things are moving quickly which can be scary but should feel pretty exciting as well. Hang on to that excitement! You are in the process of really clearing out the old to make way for the new. Be sure to take a moment and work on what you would to clear out emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Reflect over the past year and the lessons you wish not to repeat and work on releasing those! Try to really tap into this energy of change and release so that going into the next year you are ready to face the highs and lows. If you choose to not try to do any of the work, you may find things a bit more difficult than they could be. This energy shifting can also be very draining on you as well. Be sure to keep on top of how your body feels during this shift, drink plenty of water and get that rest! Sounds like a good excuse to take a nap! Not sure about all of you but I am so ready for this!

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