Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon in Leo

How is this Leo super full moon energy hitting everyone? There are a few different aspects going on in the upcoming week and months and just wanted to write a bit about that besides just the full moon energy going on! Besides this being the 1st of 4 super moons in a row with the last one being in May, we are also heading into Mercury retrograde which starts on Sunday. This past weekend you may have had a lot of emotional or relationship issues coming up. A lot stemming from feeling the inadequate, unlovable to just simply not enough. These things are coming up to bring to light the toxic patterns that need to be let go. We are hitting some major push forward on things and these types of thoughts need to be dissolved in order to move ahead. Treat yourself in the way you want to be treated as they say right? These next few months can feel intense at moments, another excuse for the whole self-love thing! Tough I know! From now until end of May it is all about putting the work in. Sometimes the easy part of the process is saying oh I need to work on this, or this is why I act/react that way. The struggles are coming up as an in your face typa thing to get you to take notice and have a deep understanding into the why. Then the hard part is taking that knowledge and looking for a way to course correct it. Now is the time to put the work into that and to making some major changes over the next few months.  Unlike other full moon energy that is noticeable for just a few weeks, this will be 4 months all because we have 4 in a row. So, in other words this energy is going to be here awhile. The creativity in all of us is going to start to spike as well. Tap into that and stop comparing yourself to others. Stop saying but it isn’t like so in so, or as good as someone else or your mentor. Everyone starts somewhere. Just remember that like the story of someone else’s journey inspired you, yours will inspire someone else. We all go through similar but different stories in our lifetimes, that is what makes it interesting!

 Mercury retrograde starts Sunday, so we are hitting a time of review and reflection. You mind some of your relationships are taking a break, this could be an actual break or a break from the drama of it all. This is a great time to reflect on what needs to be released for good. You may also see past relationships and issues resurface again for either some closure or celebration of sorts. It is also a time when you may see doors or opportunities from the past come back around. It is not a good time to sign contracts or start major new things, but as I always say you can’t put life on hold so if it is time sensitive and has to be done now, do so but make sure to check every detail! Now is the time to really put the work into what it is you want to accomplish in yourself, your personal and professional life as well!

 Buckle up buttercup as we are gonna hit the ground running during and especially after all of this!

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