Full Moon in Scorpio!

Full Moon in Scorpio!

How is everyone doing out there! Are you ready?  With the crazy energy that has been building up today from the full super moon, Schumann Resonance spiking and solar flares you may be feeling a bit exhausted, crazy dreams and emotions all over a bit. Full moons are about make or break situations, celebrations and endings of sorts. After a long time of wanting or feeling like you have to make changes and not being able to do much about it, you will start to see a bit of action behind it all! We have the full super moon in Scorpio on April 26th. This means it will be a bit more intense than a regular full moon. You may be feeling more fired up to start doing the physical things to start fulfilling that goal list, change jobs, relationships, health. The next few weeks could see you craving a bit more freedom from things that you feel constraint in. While this is good motivation energy still try to remain flexible a bit especially if other parties are involved as you don’t want it turning into a tug of war of sorts. This super moon may be a bit more intense and emotional as well, a good reminder that if you want or need to speak your words about a current situation take a minute or two before the word vomit comes out and you regret it later. With this motivational energy in the mix, also try to find that patience in the timing. The theme of the year seems to be expect the unexpected, or lots of plot twists in the mix and doesn’t seem to stopping anytime soon. Do your best to navigate these as even if it seems like small roadblocks or turns, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are not supposed to be going towards what you want to achieve.


Last but not least put those stones out to cleanse and charge in the energy of the moon!

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