Full Moon in Virgo!

Full Moon in Virgo!

Yesterday was a full moon in Virgo and the ending of freaking mercury retrograde! Thank goodness! Not sure about you guys but I know it was a rough one for many! With Mercury now starting to move in forward direction you will begin to see fast moving changes coming that might at times seem to come out of nowhere. Even though these can be big changes for some, they will seem to move with more ease and forward movement than before the retrograde. Because things can be moving quick and pushing you out of your comfort zone, it can lead to heightened emotions. These heightened emotions can lead to overthinking and overanalyzing causing some struggles with portions of it hitting the relationship area. Be sure to be patient with yourself and others during these times. Really try to see the bigger picture of things. Dreams are going to be a bit more intense as well which could lead to more clarity and stable direction on things that were started in motion prior to the retrograde. Things that have been hidden from you or just didn’t seem right will now be more evident helping you to decide on what is working and what no longer is as far as the direction you want to be taking things. Others may be feeling like their intuition is a bit off. This is all pushing you to work on releasing the fears and realizing you can’t control the outcome of everything and that isn’t a bad thing.  The Virgo energy is pushing you to organize, clean, purge as well so if you are having trouble with not focusing on the outcome of things, focus on getting that list of cleaning and organizing done! A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind as they say! If you are wanting to make some changes in regards to your health such as being more mindful of what you are putting in your body, getting out for that walk in nature (which will also help keep you grounded during these changes! ), or just simply making things a bit more balanced to keep your health in check, this is the perfect energy to do so. Just remember that even a small step towards your goals matters, as long as you keep on moving ahead! Let’s get organized, get that plan down and the first steps going on what it is you want to get accomplished!

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