Full Moon in Virgo Today!

Full Moon in Virgo Today!

This full super moon is bringing up emotional stuff, if it hasn’t already! It is bringing up past issues and you are finding yourself suddenly speaking up about things that no longer resonate with you! The energy this week has been really pushing you to make those changes and open yourself up for all the good changes that are coming your way! It is easy to say that yes you deserve the relationship, job, happiness and success because you have put the work in and such but do you really FEEL you deserve it? Sometimes we put the work in but somewhere in there we still don’t feel we deserve it so we push it away with the can I really do this? I have wanted this job or relationship for so long and now this opportunity is here, but why me even though you have been putting the work in? You deserve every good thing coming your way as you have been working towards those goals! Stop resisting all that is waiting to come to you! If you are having difficulties stop and look at what pattern keeps on repeating. What needs to change? You are being pushed a bit to look at those patterns, especially your own, see what needs to stop or change and fix it! It is a good time to make a list of what thought patterns, bad habits or things you want to let go and let this energy help you with that! Mercury retrograde is coming up but many may be feeling or experiencing parts of this in the shadow phase now. This could be a peak of what March will bring in terms of stuff you will be slowing down to review or redo. If something is coming up out of nowhere or someone take at look at what it might mean to you. There were some major energy changes over the past week that many have been feeling! Emotional stuff, crying for no reason or just waves of emotion. You may have been experiencing tummy issues lately due to your body detoxing those emotions. Your intuition is in high gear so pay attention to what little nudges you are getting! If you are feeling spacey with all of this energy shifting make sure to grab those black rocks and take many detox baths unless you are lucky enough to be able to get out into nature!

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