Happy Spring Equinox!

Happy Spring Equinox!

Happy Spring Equinox, full super moon in Libra and mercury retrograde! Just a little bit going on energy wise! Personally this is my favorite time of year and sort of my official start to my goal year! The next week or so is going to be about balance, new ideas and new chapters moving forward. The last few weeks, okay maybe last 3 months have been full of lots of transformations. The past three weeks have been hitting the emotions big time. Helping you clear out anything that is no longer helping you be the best version of you there is! Take some time; grab that goal list you wrote up in January, look at what has been cleared to open the path for these goals and what needs to be released in order for you to move forward! Get going on the organization, purging and detoxing of your space (cluttered space, cluttered mind always plays in my head), your habits and negative self-talk. You may start to feel a bit more energized today, getting anxious and ready to go! Start taking those steps that you can now but also remember Mercury is still in retrograde until the 28th so there may still be stuff for you to rework, review or redo! Try to get as much of this going or ready to go because come April things should be in full momentum for you and the energy is perfect pushing you forward. This will be the time to put in the work and take those steps as you are really finding your next phase, stage and life purpose chapter coming ahead! It is time to put the last few months behind ya and start moving ahead. The doors will start to open up a bit quicker or easier so be on the lookout and take the leaps as they come! It is also a good time to remember to stay grounded during this time. Drink plenty of water, get your outside time, carry those black rocks and take a detox bath. Remember to listen to your body as well over the next week and rest up when you feel the need as the shifting energy can really take a toll on your physical self! Soo looking forward to the amazingness that is coming for everyone!

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