Hello June!

Hello June!

Hello June and new moon in Gemini! We are heading into June with some good energy that is setting up for some major changes coming our way! You may have gotten glimpses of what this means for you in the weeks leading up to now. Lots of emotions swirling, memories of that past coming out of nowhere as if to say, take one more review and let it go. With that all being said and done it is now go time! For some the new beginning has already started and you are feeling things really start to roll along quickly as the excitement of the next chapter unfolds! If you are dragging or being resistant you may see changes or opportunities come up out of the blue as to sorta say HEY! Let’s get going! There may be some challenges as changes can be tough, but don’t let the fear get in the way and know you are strong enough to get through anything! Just look at how far you have come so far! Things are going to start moving a bit more quick as this is a great new moon for new beginnings, new relationships and a new you! You may just feel this energy wise, the whole, I know something big is coming or changing but what type of energy. Try to do your best to go with it. Try not to focus on having it all figured out just yet, trust the timing as hard as that may be. As amped up as this energy may feel be sure to stay grounded during this time, July is going to be a fun month with a new moon solar eclipse on July 2nd, partial full moon eclipse on July 16th and Mercury retrograde in Leo July 8th-August 1st for those who want to make note of it! Sounds like a fun one doesn’t it! Time to hit the reset button and start that new chapter, new begging or whole new story and see what excitement and happiness will come your way! End your day with a smudging of your space and a detox bath or footbath! Clear out the old and get ready for the new!

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