July Update!

July Update!

With the new moon on June 28th and heading into July you may notice the rose-colored glasses coming off so to speak. You will start to see the reality of your part of things as well as others. The energy this month is going to be a bit all over and fired up in a sense that you just want to get things done. It may bring up the fiery side of things with folks so remember to stay on the positive side. You may also notice a lot of power battles and control in things around you as well as within yourself. This could be trying to control emotions and situations so that you continue to feel valued. Sometimes as hard as it can be you have to let stuff play out, let go of certain expectations or control of situations so that it opens up the door to new experiences and connections. If you are always there for others, you may be feeling a bit exhausted or burnt out. It is okay to take a break, some alone time or me time without explanations. If someone is truly taking advantage of your helpful nature and you put some boundaries up or say no, pay attention to how they react then ask yourself if you want to continue what you have been. Be open to the help of others too. If you find yourself having trouble asking or accepting help from others because you feel it is a sign of weakness or failure, try to look at it as more of a support for the structure within you that you are trying to build.

There may be some stops, setback, slow downs or change of directions this month. Try not to get frustrated or angry as some of this may be out of your hands. Should you find this happening to you, it could be a good sign to slow down and take a look at things. Are you being forced to take a break because you have been going, going, going that you have lost sight of the little joys in life? Could be that you are being allowed the time to re evaluate what works and what no longer. Maybe what you have been working towards is no longer your passion and you need to change direction a bit, or your approach to it. Not a bad thing and doesn’t mean that you aren’t capable or wouldn’t be successful at it but could simply be just not for you anymore. This a great time to be flexible

As we near the full super moon in Capricorn on July 13th it may be an intense time for folks. It would be a good time to release the fear of what is currently happening, what could happen or what exactly will happen as some of that is beyond your control. Releasing and letting go not only of current fears but the fears that are holding you back from your successes. Are these the things keeping you from going to the next level in any area of life? Is there a fear of failure, acceptance or being judged for who you are or what you want to do hindering you from taking that step or standing up for yourself? Work on letting that go. It won’t nor does it need to happen all at once, take you time if you need to but be sure to take that first step. It is time to change the story that you have been telling yourself. Words have energy so be sure those not only to others are kind or supportive but also to yourself.

The new moon in Leo on July 28th will be a suitable time to start implementing some of the changes that you have noticed you want to take. You may notice that you have more courage to step into more of what aligns with yourself in all areas. Work, relationships with others and yourself. It is good time to change things up. We are meant to make changes throughout life and realize that even if you did these exact things over and over in the past and it always worked, brought happiness and success, it may no longer be that way. It is okay to change that! It isn’t discarding that past successes and happiness but making room for what is to come! Time to get ready for a new story, memories, direction and tales to tell as life goes on!

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