Mercury Retrograde January 2022

Mercury Retrograde January 2022

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn is happening from January 14th through February 3rd. This is a time of slowing down, reviewing, and reworking of things. You may also notice this can be a bit of a frustrating or challenging time as you are not getting the forward movement that you had been hoping for or wanting. Add a full moon in the emotional sign of Cancer and it will make it even more fun! The slow down is a good time to take a look at those goals and relationships that you are trying to make happen and haven’t yet. Maybe you are being shown what is or isn’t for your best interest anymore. Take this time to really sit down with the why am I wanting this. Is it still the same as it was before, or has it now become something that you want to have to prove something? It is okay to release what no longer works for you, resonates with you or to simply tweak how you were approaching things. There is a bit more of a relationship focus with this year and this retrograde. Maybe you are being forced to review feelings you have stuffed, or you tuck them away just to keep the peace and you are no longer feeling you can do that anymore, or how you handle situations is it coming from the past situations or is it really what is currently going on. You are going to be feeling like you are seeking more freedom, either for yourself or those close to you. Freedom from these patterns, emotions and thought patterns. Add this to the full moon on the 17th  and you may notice that you want to make more emotionally driven choices now but try to wait to make major changes as you may have a bit more clarity for your decisions. Since this can be a time of miscommunications and the emotional full moon on the 17th, try to hold back on your words a bit so you don’t react, say something that you can’t take back later. There may also be people or situations that come back around that could be a great restart or a reminder of just how far you have come! It can also cause scheduling and technology issues so be sure to double check those plans, back up those electronics and go with the flow the best you can. That will be a repeating theme for this year coming up!

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