Mercury Retrograde March 2019

Mercury Retrograde March 2019

The energy this month is looking to be a tough month for some! You may have already noticed you are bit irritable and your anxiety up a bit and dreaming like crazy! You either can’t sleep or just want to crawl in a hole and hibernate until March is over! Try to do your best to let go of trying to control things and go with the flow. Retrogrades are notorious for miscommunication and setbacks so best to double check things, get more info and take a few deep breaths before you react to things! If you have been doing the hard work on yourself, facing and working on changing the negative behaviors and situations you have this month may be a bit more flow with things or you will start to see new opportunities and doors start to open as a hint on what is next to come after the retrograde. If not it may be a bit tougher with sudden changes, slight shake ups or things happening out of the blue to help you get on track! Try to stop and look at what these changes are bringing for you, the big picture. It is also a good time to release all of those negative thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors including those that keep you from succeeding at being your best self! Try not to fight it too much as things will go easier if you work through it and not against it. This month you will also see your intuition amp up big time! Pay attention to those little hints and nudges you are getting. If something doesn’t feel right chances are it isn’t. You may start to see secrets surfacing or things hidden come to light which may validate what you feel. With all this intuition you will also notice you are super creative either with art, ideas or even habits you want to change up! Use the new moon energy to get started on these types of things. Don’t think that you aren’t creative or intuitive so you won’t bother. We all are in some form or another, just tap into it and go! Get those ideas jotted down so you can really move forward in April! This is also a time of review or things from your past coming back for review, like your ex suddenly showing up for you to review why it ended and why it should stay ended! It can also mess with your electronics so be sure to back up your info! Try not to buy new electronics or sign new contracts if you can! If things come up and you have to, then be sure to double check all the fine print because life is gonna happen! 

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