New Moon in Aquarius!

New Moon in Aquarius!

Happy new moon in Aquarius!  New moons are notorious for new beginnings and this one is no exception! The intensity of the energies and emotions over the last month will start to even out a bit finally! Even though this energy is pushing us to somewhat detach from our emotions, this is also a time for rebirth, regeneration and major plot twists! Time to refocus on what you are putting your energy into. It is a time to decide if you want to keep putting more energy into something that doesn’t seem to be moving forward or simply walk away. Don’t let the baggage of the past block you from the view of your future and endless possibilities!  This is going to bringing up old thought patterns such as over thinking and over analyzing to the surface so you can work on changing them and ending that cycle for good. The difference now is you will be more of the yep, let’s make this happen for me mindset as opposed to the why is this happening to me mindset. This is time for washing the slate clean so that you can start the rebuild of what is to come. Now is the time to really use this energy behind you if you are wanting to start new projects and directions because with Mercury retrograde coming next month it is not an ideal to start them during then. You will see the final lessons you have learned in the past are done for good, again clearing the way for the new.  Really focus on what it is that you want in life, stop focusing on what you are afraid of happening or what you don’t want to happen as things will manifest a bit quicker than normal. This includes fears and your perception of the situation! The feelings of restlessness and freedom will start to be a bit stronger as well. You may notice you being impatient with the time it is taking to achieve your goals or new starts, try not to get to frustrated by this. This could show up as feelings to break free of things that you feel are holding you back. You may also feel a lot more confident to be who you feel you really are without worrying about the judgement of others! Be sure to tap into that as it will help with the confidence to get these new changes started! So tap into all this good stuff going on and really use it to make all that you want to happen start to happen!

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