New Moon in Cancer!

New Moon in Cancer!

New moon and partial solar eclipse in Cancer currently going on! How is everyone feeling? The summer solstice, the new moon and eclipse peaked yesterday into this past evening, but you will be feeling the effects of this for a bit yet. This is a time of major changes and transformations for everyone. We are being pushed into new directions on so many levels. You are currently being pushed out of your comfort zone in a bigger way, possibly more than you every have. For some these changes may come outta nowhere, for some the changes will be slow and steady while others will see that intuition of theirs spiking up causing a bit more clarity and insight a bit quicker! Many are going to see blockages that were getting in the way of what you were trying to achieve, release, rebirth and rebuild start to fall away. Some blockages will go by quick and others a little bit slower and steadier. Both are good and much needed for these next chapters. With a bigger focus on relationships, emotions and feelings of being secure you may be feeling a bit more impulsive to simply just get rid of whatever does not feel right at this moment. If you can wait on making any major decisions or changes I would do so as you may regret it later, especially if you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle in front of you. It is all coming up for you to do the internal and external work to get ready for what these next 6 months will unfold for you! This is a great time to sit and redo that goal list of what you would like to achieve by the end of the year. Take some time to really sit with what it is that you are wanting to achieve and writing down. Don’t just carry things over from one month to the next simply because it was on your list before and you haven’t gotten to it yet. There have been so many changes going on internally and externally that your goals very much could have changed in that time as well. What sits right with you now and what no longer does? Are you keeping things on that list because you do not want someone else to be disappointed or is it truly your own goal? It is okay to change your mind. Most of us started this year with set goals in mind when the universe yelled “PLOT TWIST” causing a lot of us to scramble to rewrite the script of our lives. As tough as it is to keep on pushing ahead try your best to continue embracing all the aspects of what is going on. I know that change can be scary but try not to fear it, work through the fears the best you can. With all this rapid change coming up self-care is going to be especially important.  Meditations, nature walks, even time to just sit for 10mins will help keep you grounded and centered. Even doing those things like cleaning the house, outside in the yard and garden will help ya maintain a bit of focus. Mercury retrograde until July 12th which can cause some miscommunications (what you are saying gets misinterpreted and vice versa) issues with electronics (such as a message never goes through, phones, computers etc break) and other scheduling things. You could see past people and relationships coming back around for a review of just how far you have come, or some insight into what is next or a final release and closure so you can move forward. Try to avoid signing contracts and purchasing cars etc during this time if possible. Obviously, life happens and sometimes you have to during this time just make sure to double check contracts, warranties etc. Hang on to your hats everyone as it is getting ready for go time!

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