New Moon in Capricorn!

New Moon in Capricorn!

Welcome to the first New Moon in Capricorn for 2021! Can anyone else hear 2020 still screaming, “WAIT! There’s more!” I do feel spirit has a sense of humor when I get messages somehow or they know just how to make it something I will remember. We are currently entering into a number 5-year numerology wise. This is a year where movement and change will be theme of many things. I know there was lots of changes last year and everyone is probably at the is there seriously more mode. I know it has been tough and challenging but even though this year is still starting out a bit rocky I do feel we are headed in the better direction of things. One thing that makes the changes that are happening a bit different is last year the changes would happen, then we would have time to sit with it a little and take time to navigate in between. This year it will be change, movement then again change and is implementing a lot of what you learned in 2020 as in how to know what you can control and the things you can’t, then learning to roll with it to your best advantage.  

With this in mind and know that you won’t always know the exact timing of it all so no use in sitting there and focusing or reminding yourself of what you can’t do at this moment but more of what you can. Keep being open to the things coming for you because you deserve all that you have worked for, you really do.   Can you look back over this last year and really sit deep, like dig deep about what it is that you want to do and what direction you want it to go? Now is the time to clean the slate for a fresh start or a new beginning! Take some time to face those fears, really sit and ask yourself where this is coming from. Is it your fear or an outside one from other opinions on how they feel you should be acting or reacting? Now is a time to get real with what you are doing or wanting to do and how you might be holding yourself back. When it feels like nothing is happening take a moment and try to see what is coming into fruition towards your goals despite what roadblocks may currently be in place. Try to do your best to focus on those parts as proof you are moving ahead even if it is small steps at a time. Remind yourself that it doesn’t all have to be happening at once or in exact order for you to be moving towards your goals or things be to be coming into fruition for you.  Be open to what is coming to you as it comes, enjoy the flow of it as it comes.  Do you genuinely believe you can achieve what you want, or do you sometimes use outside circumstances to validate the reason you are still where you are?  Are you trying to keep yourself at a level of perfection that can’t be obtained so you can make the story you tell yourself that you can’t do something become a true one? How funny is it that we will see the potential in so many others and remind them to take the steps to get there? Remind them that it doesn’t all have to be perfect in order for it to be successful and exciting, yet we don’t allow ourselves the same outlook. Now is the time to dig into that and really let it go. It can also be a good time to dig in, get the schedule in, make the time to work on what it is that is blocking you and what you want to do next. The energy coming in with this new moon is going to make you feel a bit more in the let’s start getting this done mood than you have in a while, but you may also not have the energy you want to get it all done. Try to keep the balance between go, go, go and I need some me time. What you start now, even if it is just the jotting down the plan or ideas will start to set things up for the next 6 months. The next few days or so the energy is going to be a bit spicy, be sure to try and just focus on your own stuff if you can so you don’t get caught up in others drama. Last but not least now is a great time to sage or smudge your place to clear the energies for the new beginnings!

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