New Moon in Libra!

New Moon in Libra!

It is new moon in Libra time! How are you all doing? September has been a month of forward direction, slow and steady but forward even if you can’t see it just yet. These next few weeks will begin to show progress. September was hitting a lot of emotional aspects and could have been a bit painful as far as the push to finally let go of the grip we had on things that were more toxic than good for us. If you have not fully released or are still struggling to do so, you will find now that you have more support than ever through these changes. It could be simply releasing how you thought things were going to be, to release how you feel a relationship should be. You may find yourself reviewing those relationships that are with yourself, work, family, friends and partners. If things need to change or take things in a different direction, or even a completely new beginning you will be finding the courage to do so. This new moon is all about finding that balance. Look at those relationships…. are they in balance? Is the give in take equal on both sides? Are you working all the time and not taking the time for self-care even if for even a half a day? You will be finding yourself putting more boundaries up with those relationships that are out of balance or simply letting them go. You may also notice that you have more confidence and fearlessness than you have before. This is going to give you the courage to change what needs to be change, or simply start in a completely different direction. With this confidence you may start attracting new relationships more easily either on a personal or professional level. Your senses about others will be a lot more on point so pay attention to your gut. If you feel something isn’t quite right, pay attention, ask for more information or just hold off for a bit. Now is also a great time to sit with your goals, reevaluate what it is that you want and write it down, then start to take some action towards them. It will be a bit slow and steady at first but you have to take the action. Daydreams stay dreams until you take the first steps to making it a reality. All in all this is a powerful new moon helping you to put all the chaos that has been happening up to this point into more flow. New beginnings, relationships, fresh starts and new directions are the themes, along with the strong releasing of all that is holding you back. You deserve all good things, people and situations coming your way. Write that down and repeat it to yourself daily! Don’t wait for validation from others to prove to yourself that you are worthy of all that you desire!

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