New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn!

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn!

New moon in Capricorn and partial solar eclipse time! The eclipse is making this new moon 3 times more powerful than a regular one. This is not only giving you a huge boost over the next few weeks as we work towards the full moon eclipse on January 10th but also setting things in motion for the next 6 months after that! The past year has been really pushing everyone to releasing all things that are toxic or blocking our forward movement from our life. I know this has been a challenging time for many and you should start to feel those challenges to start to end. You will now begin to see why all those things happened as the pieces that you have been wanting to manifest or make happen will start to show up and fall into place. We are being pushed even more to let go and accept things as they are and realize some things you cannot change. You may have noticed that you are being forced to look at your patterns and realize what no longer works as it has in the past and that must change. This new moon eclipse energy is all about new beginnings and new chapters and for some that could mean an ending of sorts has to happen in order for this next phase to happen.  Take the time to reset, release and refresh for this next chapter. It is definitely go time as 2020 is going to have some major expansion and change energy going into it. It is NOT a time for procrastination on any level. If you wait until all the pieces are lined up just the way you want them to be or feel they need to be in order to make the changes you will miss out on the magic of this time and the opportunities that may arise. Take those steps. What is it that you want to do? Stop thinking small. Stop comparing yourself to the journey of others. You are starting to embark on a new journey and chapter of your life taking the things you have learned, releasing all that no longer serves you and therefore you will not have anything to compare it to. Do not let the fear keep you from achieving all that you want to achieve. You will start to see doors that were previously closed start to open, opportunities that had passed come back around. You have to be ready to jump on these and the energy will be pushing forward and fast. Tap into the excitement of it all and not feed the fear. This is also a time to put yourself out there, let people see who you are truly are and what you have to offer this world on all levels. Own it, be proud of it and let your light shine as you never know who you may be inspiring to do the same and that right there is something to be proud of. Let’s all join with this energy and help each other tap into it and reach those goals! Not sure just where to start? Pick one thing on your list and dive in, ask for help as you never know what connection that you may find there! Time to make those long-term dreams, wishes and goals start to come true!

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