New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius!

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius!

In the early hours this morning the super new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius peaked! This is an intense and powerful new moon that you may have been feeling the energy for the last few days in the buildup. Eclipses can bring a bit of unpredictable energy to them so if there are sudden changes in plans or conversations do your best to roll with it!

This a powerful energy for fresh starts, new beginnings and new directions! It is a great time to revamp or reinvent current plans or directions. The eclipse will be helping to clear out old blockages and stagnant energy to bring new life into things. It may spark a bit more energy to just start making bigger changes in jobs, relationships, locations or just simply revamping your home to give a fresh new look and feel. If you are wanting to really make some healthy habit changes in diet, exercise, meditation practice and such, this is an excellent energy to help boost that forward.

Today is an excellent time to sit and think about what it is that you want, where you want to be and who you want to be in the next 6 months. Take the time to really sit with it and be clear with what you want and write it down. Now is not a time to think small, you deserve to think and dream big. You must also believe it can happen. It is not the time to have well if this happens then I will know for sure I can do this mindset. If you are feeling frustrated because goals you have put down in the past have yet to happen now is a time to really sit, get honest with yourself and review them. Have there been opportunities come up that you missed simply because that little bit of fear got in there? Like you want to do this but then when an opportunity arises you question your ability to successfully do so? Or maybe it just doesn’t resonate anymore but you are hanging on to prove a point. Now is a time to release these fears and you may see that you have more confidence and courage to make the changes.

Since this eclipse energy goes for the next 6 months, patience will be your friend as you may get slight changes here and then mixed in with some big ones. If you don’t see things changing just like that don’t feel it won’t happen. It is a good time to open to opportunities showing up in ways you weren’t expecting to help you get to your goals. It can be hard to let go of exactly how you want stuff done, but when you loosen the grip a bit you open up to more of the magic in life.

Time to let go of all the old thought patterns, beliefs, habits or situations that you notice no longer align with where you want to go or who you want to be. This has been all coming to surface the last year and a half or so. No need to keep letting the past anchor you and keep you from the future you want!

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