October Insights!

October Insights!

Happy October! September was a bit of a slowdown, review, release, or rework for many with the help of mercury retrograde going for most of the month. Mercury went direct on the 2nd and for me, gave one last mix up before going direct by losing a bunch of files, including these little bits of insight. Some days I tell ya,  you just have to laugh a bit! After the 2nd we are headed towards a full moon in Aries on the 9th. Full moons can be a bit emotional to begin with and many folks may feel this in the push pull of relationships with oneself and others. We are hitting a bit of a transformation stage. Some have already moved past the old and are fully stepping into the new, others are still in between while some are just beginning. The full moon will start to bring things to light as they say. If you found yourself questioning, why something feels off and you just can’t quite put your finger on it. If you are questioning if something or someone is the right choice or direction for you, there will start to be a bit more clarity coming your way to either solidify the decisions and changes you were wanting to make or direction to take next. This can also be an emotional time for many. Just remember, we are all in this journey together so someone else’s anger or frustration may have nothing to do with you. Remember that for yourself as you may be emotionally releasing things, thoughts, or habits from the past for good. With the changes that we are going to start seeing unfold sometimes at a rapid pace other times slow and steady, if you are an empath, it will be a suitable time to dust up on those skills that help keep you grounded and centered. Remember your boundaries.

This month going forward is going to be a time for some big changes. Remember to allow time to work on your stuff as well as helping others. Sometimes we will distract ourselves helping others because it can be easier than putting the work in for ourselves. Remind yourself that you deserve the work and time to go after all your goals you wanting to acheive! It will be a good idea to roll with any changes that come up for you the best you can. Remind yourself that you cannot control everything and that not all changes are bad. Sometimes things have to be moved out of your way so you can move onto bigger and better things.

You have been getting pushed to grow on a soul level over the next few months. Putting that work in and now it is time to start moving ahead with what you have been working on and learning. It isn’t always easy, and can be sad to close chapters on things but get excited for what is next

The energy this month may also be making you feel that you need to stand up more for yourself, your needs, and your wants. Not only to others but also being honest with yourself and what does or doesn’t work for you. Since there may be some chaos out there with others so try to do your best to understand that we are all on this journey of change together but also in different parts of it. When speaking your truth, keep focusing on it coming from the heart and not anger or pure frustration.

We then move to a new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio. It is a powerful new moon as well as the start of eclipse season. Eclipse season is about closing things out, getting rid of barriers stopping you from what steps you want to take next or even resolving issues that started over a year ago about this time. Take some time with this new moon and focus on what you want to happen, not so much what could go wrong, or how come it isn’t going in the exact way or timeline that you wanted. Patience may get a little tested over the next few months. As we move forward with this new moon energy it is a good reminder to keep a bit of a focus on where your thoughts and mind focus goes. You may start to notice that where your mind is going, thinking and such is showing up to you in present day. If you focus is solely on what could go wrong, it may make more opportunities for it to happen. It can be tough to stay more in the positive outcome mindset. If you feel your mind going the opposite direction you are wanting, stop, take a moment, and try to turn it around. Don’t beat yourself up for letting your mind go there in the first place. We are human and changing habits we have had for a long time, if not most of our lives takes a bit of time.

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