Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

I hope you were able to experience the eclipse yesterday at some point! If you weren’t able to actually see it no worries, the powerful energy is still there for you!

New beginnings, new you and new directions! That is what this is all about. I know some may have been hoping for a sudden wake up, direction, view of what is gonna happen next! If that didn’t happen just yet, no worries as it will. Just keep on telling the universe what you want. Say it out loud, write it down! The new moon energy is still working for you and just waiting to grant your wish! Remember to keep those thoughts positive! This is not a time for negative thinking or self doubt, what you put out there will come back!

I was lucky enough to be able to experience the eclipse myself and the energy shift was amazing! Feeling a heaviness lift as the excitement of new things that are to come for not only myself but everyone around me! Nothing I love more than seeing people growing into the best version of themselves! If you are still feeling any of the negative side effects of the eclipse, headache, anxiety, depression get outside and ground down.get those feet in the dirt!

New moons are great for smudging! If you didn’t get to do it yesterday get to it today!

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