Welcome November!

Welcome November!

Hello November! Last night we had a super full moon in Taurus whose energy is helping to boost this month ahead. I know for many October has been a super intense month with all that is currently going on in the world added with the Schumann Resonance spiking, geometric storms going on and crazy planet alignments on top of it all. It is still going to be a bit crazy yet, but we should start to see things ease up in a week or so. This will hopefully help with sleep patterns and just the struggle to stay grounded during these past few weeks.  Until then do your best to think before you speak as energy is a bit fiery still as well. We are hitting a time when lots of things could start to be uncovered or brought to the surface. If your gut told you something felt either utterly amazing or a bit off and you did not know why, you may notice the validation of those feelings happening a bit quicker than in the past. Also be sure to check on people who may be struggling just to let them know they are there and if you are struggling a bit reach out! We are all in a time when we could all use a bit of support from one another! We have direct motion from many planets that have been in retrograde for awhile this month as well as a new moon on the 15th. You will start to see a lot more solidified movement on all those ideas you have been working towards for a bit which will be a welcomed change. The energies intensity will start to calm a bit as well and things will just in general start to flow a little nicer. Slow and steady but I will take it!  About time, right? You may have also noticed the veil between the worlds is a bit thin and your intuition spiking. You could also be having intense dreams as well. Be sure to record or jot down what you get as even if it does not make sense at the moment it very well could unfold in the next few weeks or so.  We will then be wrapping up our month with a full moon lunar eclipse on the 30th which is going to start a bigger chapter for many and lots of karmic meeting and individuals coming around! I know change can be tough but I feel this year has really shown many what needs to be changed given the opportunity to change, and prove that you have the ability to get through a lot more than you have given yourself credit for in the past!

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