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Full Moon in Virgo Today!

This full super moon is bringing up emotional stuff, if it hasn’t already!

Discovering Signs From Spirit

You hear that repeating numbers mean something but what?

Tuning Into Your Intuition

Everyone has an intuitive sense! Ever hear the term, "Listen to your intuition?" or how about, "What does your gut say?

Happy Full Moon!

Full moons are great for forgiving and releasing! Sometimes part of being able to release things, thought patterns, habits and relationships is forgiving yourself and others.

Solar Eclipse

I hope you were able to experience the eclipse yesterday at some point! If you weren’t able to actually see it no worries, the powerful energy is still there for you!

New beginnings, new you and new directions! That is what this is all about.

Full Moon Energy; can you feel it?

I have been getting asked a lot about this one and why it is affecting everyone the way it is. Full moons are great for endings and releasing. This is causing us to dig deep within and let go and grow on a soul level.