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Happy Spring Equinox!

Happy Spring Equinox, full super moon in Libra and mercury retrograde! Just a little bit going on energy wise!

Grounding Workshop

I am sure you hear lots of times that you need to be grounded...

Solar Storms Happening Now

Solar storms are happening now!

Spiritual Awakening Signs, Stages & Symptoms

You are starting to notice the replicating numbers more and more. Are you feeling a bit of a shift in you but just can’t explain it?

Mercury Retrograde March 2019

Are ya ready for Mercury retrograde in Pisces that starts today and the new moon tomorrow?

Discover Your Spirit Guides

We have heard the terms, "Talk to your guides!" or "Ask for a sign" but are not sure who you are communicating with or even if you are doing it correctly?

Full Moon in Virgo Today!

This full super moon is bringing up emotional stuff, if it hasn’t already!

Discovering Signs From Spirit

You hear that repeating numbers mean something but what?

Tuning Into Your Intuition

Everyone has an intuitive sense! Ever hear the term, "Listen to your intuition?" or how about, "What does your gut say?

Happy Full Moon!

Full moons are great for forgiving and releasing! Sometimes part of being able to release things, thought patterns, habits and relationships is forgiving yourself and others.